The Bungee Book Club (BBC) was started April 2009. For nearly eight years now, we have come together to discuss books and share ideas. We completed our 32nd book January 2017 — thus averaging nearly four books per year.

BBC members (a.k.a. Bungees, BBCniks, Bungestas) come from across USAID. Anyone can join. The only prerequisites are your love of reading and  your desire to discuss ideas.

In spring 2017, The BBC partnered with two distinguished USAID organizations, Women@AID and the USAID Library. These partnerships provide a unique opportunity to strengthen The BBC by bringing greater visibility to its book selections and enhancing the substance of our discussions through a broader range of ideas and perspectives.

This web site tells you all about how The BBC operates (Be a Bungee). It informs you of the books we have read (The BBC Book List & Resources) and offers various book related resources, viz. book reviews, interviews with the authors, TED talks, etc. Moreover, it is the place (Future Book Suggestions) where you can make suggestions of titles you think we might want to tackle as well as see what others have suggested.

Welcome aboard The BBC.

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Jim, it’s so great to see how this club has evolved and become what it is today. Congratulations! I will definitely be following the book list from overseas.

  2. jim you are the best bungee-ist FOREVER doing all this for all of us – thank you SO MUCH for making this streeeetch out not only our minds and imaginations but to reach others – THANK YOU!

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