Future Book Suggestions

This page is devoted to your recommendations for future BBC book selections. Let’s hear what you think you might like to read and will also be of particular interest to the rest of us.

The BBC is meticulous in selecting its books.  A major factor in the BBC’s popularity and success has been the consistantly high quality and significance of the books we have chosen.

Fundamental to The BBC book selection process are our selection criteria. They are few in number and simple in concept, but we are unyielding in our application of them.  Quite simply the book must:

1. be exceedingly well written — good is not good enough.

2. present important ideas, concepts or ways of thinking.

3. potentially impact how we work or how we think about our work.

4. not be directly related to international development. We are interested in cross-fertilization of ideas.

Just submit your title(s) through the form (below). If you like, also tell us a little about what the book deals with, but that’s not necessary. You need not have read the book(s) before making your recommendation(s). It might just be a title and/or author that intrigues you or someone else told you about. A BBC team closely reviews all books before making its selection.

Thanks in advance for pitching us some interesting prospects.